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Oasis Fm is Tenerife's number one British radio station established in 1997, aimed at English speaking ex-pats and tourists of all age groups and nationalities.

Our target audience is, reflected in our content, getting a balance of music, news, entertainment and events relevant to the local market.

Oasis Fm broadcasts across the south of Tenerife from El Medano to Los Gigantes on 106.3fm, covering all the major tourist and ex-pat resorts, from studios in Las Chafiras and Siam Park.
This area gives Oasis Fm a static TSA of 96,000 listeners, plus access to the 3,000,000 British tourists that visit the area each year.

In September 2015 Oasis Fm became unique as the ONLY British radio station to be broadcasting on a licenced frequency as the following press release explains: