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EmCan Media is based in the south of Tenerife with over 25 years of media and publishing experience.

EmCan Media is the mother company that owns Oasis Fm in Tenerife, the Canarian Weekly, TributoFest, the Tenerife Entertainment Awards, and Costas News covering mainland Spain.

EmCan Media offers more versatility for advertising in the Canary Islands and the Costas, having media outlets that cater for both the tourist and ex-pat market, both online and radio.

EmCan Media offers you the chance to broadcast your message in the following ways:
To the huge ex-pat market in Tenerife with Oasis Fm.
To ex-pats and tourists in the Canary Islands with CanarianWeekly.com
To ex-pats and tourists in the Spanish Costas with CostaNews.com
For further information about our individual products, visit our products.

EmCan Media has the following main objectives:
To a lways respond quickly to an enquiry by a client or agency.
To ensure a quick turn around from point of enquiry to when an advert is broadcast/published.
To maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.
To achieve the best possible results for all our clients.
To always look for new technologies and systems to better our service for our clients.

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